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Posted: October 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.

— Frank Herbert


I am no Taoist. I am very interested in the set of philosophical concepts that have been associated with the word Taoism, but I do not make the mistake of thinking that this is the true name for even these ideas. Words and books are inventions of humanity, and considerable intelligence is required to navigate the quagmires of voice, intent, and rhetoric. This was the genesis of Taoism in my mind; the Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao. So if we are to break from our dependence on having things named, and their origins known, if we break from the idea that there is some infallible system of answers in any form, be it religion, government, family,… we can begin to be accountable for ourselves. We can learn real discipline, and from it intuition and most importantly compassion and courage. And we can be the sage. But not if we are Taoists. Taoists can be coerced through ideology and illusion. I will turn away from the myriad things, I desire discipline.

Can we ultimately determine the true contents of the mind of the historical Jesus, K’ung Ch’iu or Chuang Chou? Certainly not, and today’s readers should be cautious about any representations of such men’s ideas, for all such representations rest on certain assumptions, which may or may not be correct, and are frequently [debated] by scholars.

— Russell Kirkland


Jurassic 5 – Freedom





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