Third Eibol

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have spoken before about action-less action or ‘wu-wei’, but what of timing and causality? Action is meaningless without a frame of context in time and consequence. Whether this is the nature of reality or just our subjective experience of it, old master did not ignore the importance of time.

To see things in the seed, that is genius.

but then he goes on to say;

Those who have knowledge, don’t predict. Those who predict, don’t have knowledge.

A seemingly contrasting set of statements, what it really means is that there is genius in being able to visualize the future, and with this comes the knowledge of how and when to act, but ultimately there are chaotic forces which will always cause life to be unpredictable. One who is truly wise will understand the importance of acting ‘like water’ as water is relentless but indifferent and allows the unexpected things in its path to shape it, yet it remains vigilant in its endeavor towards its ultimate goal of entering the ocean or ‘lying low’. It is as if the water must completely humble itself before it can be serene and still.

Do you want to improve the world?
I don’t think it can be done.

The world is sacred.
It can’t be improved.
If you tamper with it, you’ll ruin it.
If you treat it like an object, you’ll lose it.

There is a time for being ahead,
a time for being behind;
a time for being in motion,
a time for being at rest;
a time for being vigorous,
a time for being exhausted;
a time for being safe,
a time for being in danger.

The Master sees things as they are,
without trying to control them.
She lets them go their own way,
and resides at the center of the circle.

Will you know when the time is right?

Young Planet (Formerly CIDIDA x EIBOL) – Do Something




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