A Road less Traveled

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

     I don’t rush my entries in this blog. I let them form organically from the experiences in my life. Recently I got a new car, and though it is the nicest car I’ve ever had, it has a few disadvantages. It may seem kind of contradictory being Taoist and having a flashy car, but hear me out, and I also have a sneaking suspicion there may be few years left to enjoy driving a car without computer assistance. It is a sports car, extremely low to the ground, which is great on windy roads, or on the highway in heavy winds. On uneven pavement, or broken bumpy roads, it is another story. And of course I live in a small mountain village about 7 miles up a very uneven, pothole ridden road. Hitting the right bump can send you into the other lane, and the road certainly puts wear and tear on this beautiful, precision machine.

     My only course of action was to take the “long” way, an indirect and more rural route that I seldom drove. My first time taking the road, I realized I had never before noticed the pavement the entire way was smooth as glass. Not only was the pavement better, but there was little traffic if any, and beautiful mountain views. At first I drove that way a few times, but then forgot, or thought that the other way just had to be much faster. I mean it was the way everyone else drove…

     So I timed it. And I found out that depending on traffic, they are +- 2 minutes of each other. The same amount of time, and clearly a better route for me. I enjoy my daily drive now, instead of moping along in traffic. I just wonder why the most amazing roads seem to have the fewest travelers. Maybe people are afraid of straying from the beaten path?

Qwel & Maker – Silver Mountains Remix


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