Cyclic Routine

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
IAMISEE – Golden Sky

     Cyclic routines define our lives. We may think in linear terms, but it seems nature does not. If you think about it, everything has a circular nature of birth and death, revolutions, or seasons. There are not only cycles in nature, but even within our government and society. How many of us anxiously await the yearly tax return for a little extra spending money? Or, how many of us look forward to the annual holidays for a variety of reasons? Maybe we aren’t looking forward to voting every four years as much as we should be, but it’s a cycle as well. A human body is a combination of many small and large cycles. Everything we know about appears to follow a cyclical pattern. This might explain our connection with the rhythm of music. The repetitive, yet expressive patterns mirror the cyclic nature of reality.

Aesop Rock – Night Light


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